2020 Any-Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Any-Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Any-Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive a permit (Junior Any-Deer, Landowner Any-Deer, Regular Any-Deer, Superpack Antlerless Deer, or Bonus Antlerless Deer), select the first letter of your last name.

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Results are shown in the following format: Name, Mailing Residence (Town, State), Permit Number.

Permit Type
J = Junior Any-Deer Permit
L = Landowner Any-Deer Permit
R = Regular Any-Deer Permit for Residents and Non-Residents
S = Superpack Antlerless Deer Permit
RB = Bonus Antlerless Deer Permit

Please note, the first two digits of your Any-Deer Permit Number/Superpack Permit Number/Bonus Permit Number is the Wildlife Management District (WMD) you were selected for. For example 23R000000 is for WMD 23. For bonus permits in the two subunits 25a and 26a, the permit numbers will start with the first 3 characters of 25a or 26a. For example, 25aRB000000 would be for subunit 25a. For more information on subunits 25a and 26a please see

If you were selected to receive a Bonus Permit, please see Bonus Permit Information for more information.

The Department will no longer be mailing the permits or transportation tags. Instead, permit winners will need to record their permit number and report the permit number to the registration station when tagging their deer. The Department suggests that permit winners write down their permit number and keep the number with their hunting license so it is readily available when needed at the registration station.

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit Number SuperPack Bonus 1 Bonus 2
QUA DOUGLAS SAINT ALBANS ME1855109217R2237485--------
QUAGLIAROLI SHAWN LISBON ME ME1354914022R4229852----22RB712805--
QUALEY JEREMIAH LIMINGTON ME1356125715J9505954--------
QUALEY JOSEPH DEXTER ME287635117R2221015--------
QUALEY MARTIN LIMINGTON ME1334631121R0224819--------
QUALEY PHILLIP SOUTH CHINA ME1159831923R5247662--------
QUALEY STEVEN LIMINGTON ME1326640121R1252750----21RB706756--
QUALTERS GERARD CHELMSFORD MA1312711323R7213994--------
QUATRANO JOHN LIMINGTON ME470561711520R3228893--------
QUATRANO RYAN MECHANIC FALLS ME915383615R2230237--------
QUATTRONE ROBERT BIDDEFORD ME1346960320R2247232--------
QUATTRUCCI ANTHONY WATERVILLE ME1352459425R4249169----25RB30158825RB229877
QUATTRUCCI DOMINIC BELGRADE ME103585225R8209783----25RB323398--
QUATTRUCCI GAETANO SOUTH FREEPORT ME999849225R2229547----25RB11296625RB732822
QUATTRUCCI MICHAEL WATERVILLE ME1328160925L3104088----25RB90969425RB131946
QUEENER DONAVEN UNITY ME1355730423J1502308----23RB319230--
QUEENER ULYSSES UNITY ME1355730623R6243123----23RB505462--
QUEENER ULYSSES UNITY ME1328323123R6215763----23RB120238--
QUICK ROBERT BUCKFIELD ME1356880615R1234186----21RB910538--
QUICK THOMAS TOPSHAM ME1313201822R4220072----22RB417922--
QUIET HAROLD DOVER FOXCROFT ME398210217R6225409--------
QUIET KENT PITTSFIELD ME1323269117R4242037--------
QUIGG MICHAEL WEST BATH ME1317552924L0108616--------
QUIGLEY DANIEL SOUTH CHINA ME1313950323R1206838----23RB524692--
QUIGLEY DONALD FRANKFORT ME911603523R1251478--------
QUIGLEY JASON BENTON ME1316566423S1402108----
QUIGLEY MARK SKOWHEGAN ME147482717R6234219--------
QUIGLEY MATTHEW BENTON ME816780723J6502843--------
QUIGLEY SYDNEY WELLINGTON ME436784417R1220314--------
QUILL PAUL BATH ME1324210722R9237867----25RB60849125RB931614
QUIMBY ADAM WATERFORD ME1320203215S1400166----
QUIMBY ALSTON MADISON ME234363116R3220027--------
QUIMBY ALTON RIPLEY ME1173416017R0211613--------
QUIMBY AMANDA NORRIDGEWOCK ME1312220617R0216533--------
QUIMBY AMES NORRIDGEWOCK ME1321652016R2221906--------
QUIMBY ASHLEY ALBION ME1046792223J8502395----23RB718914--
QUIMBY BRENDA UNITY ME2196290223R1226448----23RB314600--
QUIMBY CHASE TURNER ME1005452823J9504536----23RB409361--
QUIMBY DALE BIDDEFORD ME1348417620R0232840--------
QUIMBY DEVAN SKOWHEGAN ME1354111516J8502492--------
QUIMBY EDWARD UNITY ME480778523R6242173--------
QUIMBY ERIC TURNER ME1352907116R2253686--------
QUIMBY ERVING CLINTON ME1305356723R8235775----23RB309660--
QUIMBY ERVING ALBION ME1305773423R2203769----23RB125788--
QUIMBY FRANK CANAAN ME1355270517R2216795--------
QUIMBY FREDERICK LIVERMORE FALLS ME1323324617R9246302----22RB927087--
QUIMBY GERALD BROWNFIELD ME1094746915R8236663--------
QUIMBY GERALD MADISON ME1425728317R9224272--------
QUIMBY GLEN SANFORD ME1327778720R4201144--------
QUIMBY GREGG MIDDLETON MA1307418725R8218003----25RB61905125RB634451
QUIMBY HEATHER CANAAN ME1355270717R1205604--------
QUIMBY HUNTER BOWDOIN ME1297324622R8232976----25RB21116725RB532360
QUIMBY JAMES WINDHAM ME1354023815R6229051--------
QUIMBY JAMES SOLON ME1383319717R4239247--------
QUIMBY JENNIFER HARMONY ME288541217R2218245--------
QUIMBY JOSEPH PALMYRA ME1356970517R0221523--------
QUIMBY KEVIN FAIRFIELD ME1347516416R7208081--------
QUIMBY KODI ANSON ME739863016L5103589--------
QUIMBY MICHAEL FAIRFIELD ME1323107416R5224969----23RB315370--
QUIMBY NELSON NORRIDGEWOCK ME817464516R1206975--------
QUIMBY PAIGE CANAAN ME1355270617J8505291--------
QUIMBY RACHAEL FAIRFIELD ME1347517316R9241483--------
QUIMBY RANDALL MADISON ME1304477017R4243197--------
QUIMBY RICHARD TURNER ME1304873316L2101536----23RB522182--
QUIMBY ROBERT LEBANON ME1354334820R9215789--------
QUIMBY ROBERT SANFORD ME805020R4217304--------
QUIMBY RYLEIGH ALBION ME1077693623J6504773----23RB808245--
QUIMBY SCOTT USA MA1312532423R6238643----25RB70809225RB831523
QUIMBY SHARON TURNER ME163754116R5218859--------
QUIMBY SHAUN ANSON ME1310667716L9103693--------
QUIMBY SHAWN TROY ME1355908123R6241763----23RB106298--
QUIMBY SHAWNA PALERMO ME1356892023R5236992----23RB808985--
QUIMBY STEPHEN HOLLIS CTR ME601475920R5208535--------
QUIMBY WILLIAM BRUNSWICK ME1305089224R9250895----24RB428780--
QUIMBY WILLIAM KENSINGTON NH1314708215L3102518--------
QUIMBY ZACHARY ALBION ME1304859423R5225972----23RB914836--
QUIMBY ZACHARY WOOLWICH ME1305087324R6255142--------
QUINLAN ANDREW CANAAN ME1319640717R9212772----25RB12183625RB635201
QUINLAN BROOKE NEWPORT ME1354640229R4249865----29RB826819--
QUINLAN WILLIAM MADISON ME1357215816J0500814--------
QUINN ANTHONY RAYMOND ME1325542912R7201775--------
QUINN BRAYDEN FAYETTE ME977484322J8503896----22RB712275--
QUINN COLIN SKOWHEGAN ME620659517L5104258--------
QUINN DENNIS SCARBOROUGH ME1082844124L3104759--------
QUINN FRANCIS BURLINGTON NJ1356415617R8216501--------
QUINN GABRIELLE LEBANON ME1322078020J2506022--------
QUINN GARRETT SKOWHEGAN ME1326924917L0101913--------
QUINN JACKSON SKOWHEGAN ME1279250317L1102894--------
QUINN JORDAN HARTLAND ME1355893417L9105472--------
QUINN KAREN SCARBOROUGH ME1312466924R6244932--------
QUINN KEITH BROWNFIELD ME1314927015R2239067--------
QUINN KELLY PITTSFIELD ME2366175017R9246632--------
QUINN PATRICK GALES FERRY CT1355148023R1246158----23RB003607--
QUINN RONALD FAYETTE ME2307599816R3239267--------
QUINN RYAN LEBANON ME1322076920R6233996--------
QUINN THOMAS HOLLIS ME1348445520R7238357--------
QUINN WILLIAM BROWNFIELD ME1356774515R9206414--------
QUINNAM JAMES WISCASSET ME0426201225L5102180----25RB31946825RB434549
QUINT CHRISTOPHER BIDDEFORD ME1322100321R1251970--------
QUINT CODY WEST NEWFIELD ME1319894620R2241762--------
QUINT DALTYN VASSALBORO ME69036023R2211589----23RB022467--
QUINT DAVID PITTSFIELD ME1306875423R6222623----23RB716624--
QUINT ERIC ALFRED ME1303944320R8226688--------
QUINT JOHN CLINTON ME1355377517R1200064--------
QUINT MARTELLE DOVER MA1349456117R8218021----23RB419041--
QUINT SETH HODGDON ME1311352017J5500938--------
QUINT STEPHEN NORTH BERWICK ME1326075720L5105505--------
QUINT TONY 33 HILLVIEW AVE. H ME13076761----29RB518156--
QUINT VICTOR TOPSHAM ME1307906923S440202123RB406781--
QUINTAL JOSEPH ETNA ME1347620117R3210386--------
QUINTON CARSON SHAPLEIGH ME1315086020J5504645--------
QUINTON JAMES SANFORD ME912226720R6221136--------
QUINTON JASON SHAPLEIGH ME1315087120R1247911--------
QUINTON ROBERT AUBURN ME674260713L3101420--------
QUINZANI ANDREW RED LEVEL AL1354402422R8232876----23RB811225--
QUINZANI DAVID HOLLYWOOD MD1352225422R3249731----23RB101168--
QUINZANI DAVID TOPSHAM ME1324855722R3221741----22RB517073--
QUIRAM BEN SCARBOROUGH ME1313833521R9218568----21RB418743--
QUIRION ALFRED OAKLAND ME1355907016R6247080--------
QUIRION BARRY BENTON ME288297023R0209247----23RB023667--
QUIRION BRANDON CANAAN ME1307065823R2247289--------
QUIRION CARL WINSLOW ME1307179823L6105353----23RB703704--
QUIRION COLE BENTON ME288297123J0500267--------
QUIRION EMMA CHELSEA ME1317451022R9237617----22RB808626--
QUIRION FRANK RANDOLPH ME346040923R9244586----23RB704544--
QUIRION GARY FAIRFIELD ME1304685123R7223954----23RB415911--
QUIRION GLENN WINSLOW ME1311103123R6230173----23RB112628--
QUIRION JESSE MECHANIC FALLS ME1324519822R8253056----22RB627364--
QUIRION JOHN OAKLAND ME1356352023R6229953----23RB512752--
QUIRION KENNETH OAKLAND ME7011225716R4226168--------
QUIRION KEVIN OAKLAND ME1163790823R1216498----23RB719854--
QUIRION LAUREN CHELSEA ME11600170022R7217265----22RB819446--
QUIRION PAUL FAIRFIELD ME1234948616R7221191----23RB817355--
QUIRION PETER AUGUSTA ME1306244723R0225307----23RB915196--
QUIRION PHILIP WILTON ME1307806716R1212445--------
QUIRION RICHARD SKOWHEGAN ME1306722216R9254383--------
QUIRION THOMAS CHELSEA ME1303232922R3201751----22RB826396--
QUIRION TYLER CHELSEA ME741822R9247887----22RB602524--
QUIRK STEPHEN SCARBOROUGH ME1356632421R5255244--------
QUIRRION HUNTER JAY ME1135376216R0247084--------
QUIRRION LINTON JAY ME1307100116R0250354--------
QUIRRION LOUIS LIVERMORE ME1307324216R4227808--------
QUIRRION SHAWN LIVERMORE ME891490116J7505221--------
QUIST CARTER CARIBOU ME2225376416R1250665--------
QUIST CHRISTOPHER OAKLAND ME1321347317R6208569--------
QUIST DAVID SILVER SPRINGS FL1334521116R4248438--------
QUIST JOSHUA CARIBOU ME368664916R3251707--------
QUIST KEVIN FAIRFIELD ME2225858516R1251375--------
QUMIMBY DAVID FARMINGTON ME1308747216R8255932--------

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