2020 Any-Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Any-Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Any-Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive a permit (Junior Any-Deer, Landowner Any-Deer, Regular Any-Deer, Superpack Antlerless Deer, or Bonus Antlerless Deer), select the first letter of your last name.

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Results are shown in the following format: Name, Mailing Residence (Town, State), Permit Number.

Permit Type
J = Junior Any-Deer Permit
L = Landowner Any-Deer Permit
R = Regular Any-Deer Permit for Residents and Non-Residents
S = Superpack Antlerless Deer Permit
RB = Bonus Antlerless Deer Permit

Please note, the first two digits of your Any-Deer Permit Number/Superpack Permit Number/Bonus Permit Number is the Wildlife Management District (WMD) you were selected for. For example 23R000000 is for WMD 23. For bonus permits in the two subunits 25a and 26a, the permit numbers will start with the first 3 characters of 25a or 26a. For example, 25aRB000000 would be for subunit 25a. For more information on subunits 25a and 26a please see

If you were selected to receive a Bonus Permit, please see Bonus Permit Information for more information.

The Department will no longer be mailing the permits or transportation tags. Instead, permit winners will need to record their permit number and report the permit number to the registration station when tagging their deer. The Department suggests that permit winners write down their permit number and keep the number with their hunting license so it is readily available when needed at the registration station.

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit Number SuperPack Bonus 1 Bonus 2
UDARNAUTH JAYDEN LEWISTON ME1323396115J2502417----21RB418823--
UDY JOEL ELIOT ME1308637520R6247566--------
UECKER CRAIG FREEPORT ME1310090321R9235228----21RB309962--
UGAREK ANTHONY BREWER ME1313855026R0202994--------
UHLE STANLEY BOWDOINHAM ME404075222R7255365--------
UHLER BRETT SIDNEY ME1307179216R8213792--------
UHUAD BETSY SACO ME1321559521R3203172--------
UHUAD GENEROSO JAY ME13224026121R9217248----21RB619455--
UHUAD HENRY SACO ME1170792521J4506013----21RB002479--
UHUAD HUNTER SACO ME920869721J0502789----21RB517374--
UHUAD RANDY SACO ME1321387821R7248376----21RB602215--
ULLRICH CHASE LEWISTON ME735560822J5504903----22RB707705--
ULLRICH COLE LEWISTON ME525835122J9502277----22RB719345--
ULLRICH KYLE LEWISTON ME11600339322R7224325----22RB615714--
ULRICKSON ADAM FREEPORT ME1322099321R9226928----24RB01434624RB133197
ULRICKSON ADAM FREEPORT ME1322100021R4209343----24RB62363224RB435490
ULRICKSON AMY FREEPORT ME1317884624R5212031----29RB422225--
ULRICKSON ANDREW FREEPORT ME1317882324R8237474----29RB908710--
ULRICKSON DAVID FREEPORT ME1322099421J2501031----24RB12394724RB735523
ULRICKSON DONALD FREEPORT ME1074355821R0212839----24RB62180224RB635192
ULRICKSON DONALD FREEPORT ME1355841229J1502372----24RB31900924RB334439
ULRICKSON JEN FREEPORT ME1322099221R1233260----24RB91102524RB932315
ULRICKSON OLIVIA FREEPORT ME1322099921J1505300----24RB90592524RB130967
ULVILA TIMOTHY ROCKLAND ME1324516125R6208921----25RB923804--
UMHOLTZ MICHAEL ASHLAND MA1352130223R8246885----23RB503152--
UMPHREY PETER PRESQUE ISLE ME1315576506R1201885--------
UNDERHILL ANTHONY STETSON ME1305606017R2221615--------
UNDERHILL CORY CAMDEN ME1353609025R7223012----25RB81642325RB533740
UNDERHILL EVERETT STETSON ME1303424017R9216412--------
UNDERHILL KENDRA NEWPORT ME1306357517R0227823--------
UNDERHILL LUCINDA STETSON ME1330552717R9230892--------
UNDERHILL RALPH NEWPORT ME826617517R5216838--------
UNDERHILL RHODA STETSON ME1303424217R5213458--------
UNDERHILL ROD STETSON ME1330552617R4218707--------
UNDERHILL SHEILA STETSON ME1303423917R8239571--------
UNDERHILL WILLIAM STETSON ME1303423817R7201030--------
UNDERWOOD CHARLES WATERVILLE ME1168741823L4104171----23RB309220--
UNDERWOOD JUSTIN HALLOWELL ME1356047217R3226846--------
UNDERWOOD KYLE CASCO ME1327591621R2253471--------
UNDERWOOD RYAN WEST NEWFIELD ME1305476620R2248372--------
UNOBSKEY ARTHUR HOLDEN ME1356257023R0254947--------
UNOBSKEY DYLAN HOLDEN ME11358089----23RB608913--
UNSWORTH ROBERT DENNYSVILLE ME1322825006L3100387--------
UPHAM ALBION WALDOBORO ME1356681025R6226551----25RB21453725RB033245
UPHAM DEBORA WALDOBORO ME1356625225R9215344----25RB52047025RB234817
UPHAM NICHOLAS BOOTHBAY HARBOR ME12503699725R5214380----25RB72098225RB134956
UPHAM SETH ROCKLAND ME1302183525L9102164--------
UPRIGHT WILLIAM WELLS ME1307631820R5249655--------
UPTON DONALD NORWAY ME1337680015R4217649--------
UPTON JAMES AUGUSTA ME1352165823R9244776--------
UPTON RANDY NEWPORT ME1355577623R5216982--------
UPTON RYAN KENNEBUNK ME1322336724R0223926----24RB41593024RB133617
URENECK LOUIS BROOKLINE MA1331486221R6254675--------
URENECK PAUL PMURENECK24@YAHOO. ME1323019617R2220155--------
URQUHART ALTON CARMEL ME1148132817R3223696--------
URQUHART ALYSSA ALNA ME11600298425R3252458----25RB20892725RB131736
URQUHART ARRHUR BREWER ME1304555717R9223122--------
URQUHART CARL ALNA ME1323970022R2252210----25RB71097225RB932304
URQUHART FELICITY PLYMOUTH ME1357317923R2236629----23RB309190--
URQUHART MANDY PITTSFIELD ME1356868223R0215667----23RB120298--
URQUHART MICHAEL YARMOUTH ME1351104624R1206327----24RB92489524RB335629
URQUHART NICHOLAS NAPLES ME905792116R5201929--------
URQUHART PERLEY ELLWORTH ME891020926R0204684--------
URQUHART RYAN HOLLIS ME1356643520R3234743----24RB91025524RB532091
URQUHART RYAN ALNA ME47850625R0250515----25RB524340--
URQUHART SEAN YARMOUTH ME1351104524R1236667----24RB30916924RB531801
URSO GARY WINTHROP ME1301938616R1205745--------
USHER DEREK PITTSTON ME1357403423R6213333----23RB721544--
USHER GARRETT NORTH WATERBORO ME1313939220R9224139--------
USHER JACOB PITTSTON ME1357415922R3239831----22RB807426--
USHER RICHARD TIVERTON RI163088017R3208286--------
UTECHT STEVEN RICHMOND ME605165625R6227121----25RB01422525RB633151
UTGARD GARTH SPRINGVALE ME1320164420R1231961----24RB227938--
UTGARD GARY WELLS ME601002420R8231698----24RB227948--
UTLEY AMY ELLSWORTH ME1346244523R6256113----25RB026925--
UTTERSTROM ALBERT FALMOUTH ME687126621R8218217----21RB018939--
UTTERSTROM SUE GRAY ME1320725021R0230499----21RB912448--

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