2023 Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Antlerless Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Antlerless Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive an Antlerless Deer permit, select the first letter of your last name.

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Claim and Purchase your Permit

Permits must be claimed and paid for by September 12, 2023 11:59 PM.

To claim and purchase your permit, go the Antlerless Deer Permit Purchase service.

If the permit recipient does not claim their permit by the deadline, that permit will be forfeited.

Permit recipients will receive their permit number upon payment to claim their permit. The permit number is required when registering deer.

Super pack permit recipients still need to claim their permit but will not be charged the permit fee. You can tell if you have received a super pack permit by checking the Superpack column under your name.

Extra permits will be available on a first come, first served basis starting in late September. Learn more at

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit WMD SuperPack
I Buzzell, KellyWINTHROP ME1258456023No
I Hakala, TimothyHARRISON ME1545795515No
Iacobelli, FrankLEVANT ME1568168017No
Iannetta, JacobDOVER FOXCROFT ME1517678720No
Iannetta, JamesDOVER FOXCROFT ME1165547520No
Iannucci, AlbertSOUTH ATTLEBORO MA1567385225No
Iannucci, FrankWARWICK RI1569863425No
Ibarguen, BraylinWELD ME897216416No
Ibarguen, BristolWELD ME1173631213No
Ibarguen, MiguelWELD ME1570674713No
Icenogle, NormanBURNHAM ME1570878223No
Iddings, JonREHOBOTH MA1540026415No
Ignatiadis, MaryBERWICK ME1546348320No
Igoe, JamesNEW VINEYARD ME1523703812No
Ihnken, KennethBELFAST ME1564093023No
Iles, SteveWELLS ME1521099620No
Illig, KimberleeWEST NEWFIELD ME1544773020No
Illig, MorganWEST NEWFIELD ME1544772420No
Illig, RyanWEST NEWFIELD ME1544772520No
Illig, ScottWEST NEWFIELD ME1544772320No
Ilsley, ChristianWESTBROOK ME1554563021No
Ilsley, DerrickSTRATTON ME061721707No
Ilvonen, TeelOWLS HEAD ME273347725No
Imes, JacobWATERVILLE ME1562403816No
Immediato, ChaseSKOWHEGAN ME150823416No
Immediato, MelanieSKOWHEGAN ME1567474916No
Infante, JosephHUDSON ME1532524809No
Infinger, DavidCHATHAM NH1522476015No
Infinger, JacobNORTH CONWAY NH1523038615No
Infinger, KyleCHATHAM NH849193415No
infinger, michaelFRYEBURG ME1522193115Yes
infinger, nathanNORTH CONWAY NH1522108515No
infinger, wayneCHATHAM NH1544207515No
Ingalls, BrendaMILTON MILLS NH1531860820No
ingalls, cameronLITCHFIELD ME942082122No
Ingalls, ChristopherBROWNFIELD ME1522825717No
ingalls, dwayneLITCHFIELD ME98468022No
Ingalls, EdwardMILTON MILLS NH1531860717No
Ingalls, ElijahGRAY ME1542540121No
Ingalls, MatthewLISBON ME1477332922No
Ingalls, MatthewYARMOUTH ME1529810421No
Ingalls, RobinBOWDOIN ME1534222622No
Ingalls, RonaldHERMON ME1570004823No
Ingalls, RoyJACKMAN ME746472222No
Ingalls, ScottFONTANA CA1535976910No
Ingalls, TrevorYARMOUTH ME1533343021No
Ingenito, MichaelKINGSTON NH1026631515No
IngersolI, MorganEMBDEN ME1569143417No
Ingersoll, AdamMOSCOW ME1523718817No
ingersoll, aprilSOLON ME1542739517No
Ingersoll, BlayzeROWE POND ROAD ME1555251513No
Ingersoll, ChristopherMOSCOW ME1525674317Yes
Ingersoll, HunterEMBDEN ME1541511117No
Ingersoll, JonathanSWANVILLE ME1566387523No
Ingersoll, KendallMOSCOW ME1537548217No
ingersoll, larrySOLON ME2542237217No
Ingersoll, MonicaEMBDEN ME1569138617No
Ingersoll, RonaldMOSCOW ME2433783617No
Ingersoll, TroyEMBDEN ME1547435917No
Ingerson, FredrickJEFFERSON NH1430842121No
Ingerson, RandyLISBON FALLS ME703591012221Yes
Ingerson, RyanFREEPORT ME1543599221No
Ingerson, SawyerFREEPORT ME1177697121No
Ingerson, TannerFREEPORT ME1266747221No
Ingerson, WilliamBOWDOINHAM ME1542790622Yes
Ingham, DanaKENNEBUNK ME1520035120No
Ingle, WilliamWEST NEWFIELD ME1560033220No
Inglis, GavinRICHMOND ME1035965622Yes
Inglis, StephenRICHMOND ME837751122Yes
Inglis, TheresaRICHMOND ME837751022Yes
Inglis, VictoriaRICHMOND ME103590122Yes
Ingraham, BlairHERMON ME1545845023No
Ingraham, EdwinSEARSMONT ME1532128925No
Ingraham, IsaacKNOX ME23No
Ingraham, IvenKNOX ME1569967723No
Ingraham, RichardNEWCASTLE ME1525002825Yes
Ingraham, SallyNEWCASTLE ME25Yes
Ingram, StephenCOHASSET MA1568812017No
Ingram, ThomasBRUNSWICK ME1534001524Yes
Ingram, TimothyNORWAY ME1501254015No
Ingram, TravisSTEEP FALLS ME2637810421No
Ingrisano, EricFARMINGTON ME1400384313No
Ingrisano, MarkFARMINGTON ME1524259313No
Ingrisano, MarkusFARMINGTON ME1143697013No
Ingves, KeithOAKDALE CT CT1560872317No
Inkpen, PaulOLD ORCHARD BEACH ME2669274924No
Inman, AlexDETROIT ME23No
Inman, CarterBRYANT POND ME1570589915No
inman, LindaLISBON FALLS ME1548691622No
Inman, TimothyLIMINGTON ME1543391615No
Inman, TobyDETROIT ME1520563623No
Inman, WilliamCARMEL ME2516482217No
Innis, MichaelHARPSWELL ME1524747022Yes
Inniss, PeterFALMOUTH ME1452202021Yes
Intravaia, JamesPORTLAND ME1570073921No
Introne, AlexanderORONO ME1571055426No
Introne, ChristopherDEDHAM ME1540515326No
Inzana, AnthonySCARBOROUGH ME1533832521Yes
Inzana, LugeneSCARBOROUGH ME1533832022Yes
Iordanov, MarkYORK ME1127505224No
iozzo, brianATTLEBORO MA1566215321No
Ipton, StephenBRIDGEWATER ME98669006No
Ireland, AmandaWEST BALDWIN ME1571064021No
Ireland, andrewBENTON ME1029635416No
ireland, andrewSKOWHEGAN ME1539776016Yes
ireland, calebCORINNA ME1246330517No
Ireland, CassidyBANGOR ME2422381717No
ireland, christopherCORINNA ME1523054117Yes
Ireland, Daniel140 LINCOLN STREET ME1570730223No
Ireland, D'AnnATHENS ME1570844617No
Ireland, DezmondBUCKSPORT ME1552443026No
Ireland, DouglasENFIELD ME919605617No
Ireland, DustinWEST ENFIELD ME12912826No
Ireland, ElishaATHENS ME1570844517No
Ireland, GriffinWEST ENFIELD ME1541458218No
Ireland, IsaacSACO ME1908355215No
Ireland, JaceENFIELD ME1544447817No
Ireland, JacobBANGOR ME11288917No
ireland, jadinCORINNA ME1534175517No
Ireland, JohnINDUSTRY ME1523742316No
Ireland, KaelynWEST ENFIELD ME1063496326No
ireland, katherineCORINNA ME1528570717Yes
Ireland, KevenBANGOR ME1571052517No
Ireland, LawrenceYORK BEACH ME1010493124No
Ireland, LawrenceYORK BEACH ME1538064824No
Ireland, NoahBIDDERFORD ME1453315221No
Ireland, OliviaWEST ENFIELD ME1563888826No
Ireland, RandyLEVANT ME1566919417No
Ireland, RogerWEST ENFIELD ME9168318No
Ireland, SeanHAMPDEN ME1548343426Yes
Ireland, ShariENFIELD ME228273718No
ireland, sophieCORINNA ME1534177017No
Ireland, TimothyBUCKSPORT ME1522644526aNo
Ireland, TroyHALLOWELL ME1524802322Yes
Ireland, WilliamWEST BALDWIN ME1532676021No
Ireland, ZacharyBANGOR ME11289217No
Irish, AllisonEAST BALDWIN ME1568636707No
Irish, AndrewPO BOX 184 ME1570195912No
Irish, BenjaminWINDHAM ME66301121No
Irish, BrettOTISFIELD ME1124536815No
Irish, CharlesHIRAM ME1536093715No
Irish, CynthiaWEST NEWFIELD ME1521422620No
Irish, DanielleOTISFIELD ME1295589115No
Irish, DavidBUXTON ME1569243221No
Irish, DericBUXTON ME1569244121No
Irish, FinneganGORHAM ME1521007421No
irish, jacobBURNHAM ME1526303223No
irish, JacobPERU ME906082416No
Irish, JamieOTISFIELD ME1440703915No
Irish, JazmynnNORWAY ME1517219515No
Irish, JeffreyJAY ME1519845412No
Irish, KirkGORHAM ME1530918621Yes
Irish, KyleGRAY ME1525378521No
Irish, LewisCLINTON ME1567106523No
Irish, MarkPARSONSFIELD ME1559078015No
Irish, MatthewCORINNA ME1570213417No
Irish, NicholasWINDHAM ME1517269421No
Irish, PatrickGORHAM ME1521007215No
Irish, PeterVASSALBORO ME708088023No
Irish, RayAPT 1 ME2251710515No
Irish, RobertMERRIMACK NH1567591615No
Irish, RockyHOLLIS CENTER ME1570207320No
irish, ronaldSEBAGO ME4989315No
Irish, ShaneHIRAM ME760476315No
Irish, WoodrowGREENE ME2445109716No
Irizarry, LahndonPENOBSCOT ME1133176126No
Irvin, FleurROCKPORT MA1569302917No
Irvin, HazelFRYEBURG ME1566333415No
Irvin, KennethDEXTER ME17No
Irvin, RichardORRINGTON ME2520359917No
Irvin, RyderFRYEBURG ME1566221315No
Irvin, SkylerFRYEBURG ME1472327715No
Irvin, TaraORRINGTON ME1569465417No
Irvin, WilliamROCKPORT MA1569294917No
Irvine, BrandonNORRIDGEWOCK ME336550916No
Irvine, BrodieNORRIDGEWOCK ME1161309416No
Irvine, ClaytonMADISON ME1559311716No
Irvine, MayNORRIDGEWOCK ME1570660116No
Irvine, MyleighNORRIDGEWOCK ME2227009316No
Irvine, WilliamGORHAM ME1531453721No
Irving, BenjaminCLINTON ME1519939517No
irving, jaredGRAY ME1565900521No
Irving, MatthewWINDHAM ME1563143621No
Irving, NicholasWALDOBORO ME1539898625No
Irving, RonnieCLINTON ME1519937717No
Irving-Davis, EliCUMBERLAND ME1536382621No
Irwin, ThomasREADFIELD ME1570259917Yes
Isabel, RichardNOBLEBORO ME1524202425No
Isbell, DAVIDVASSALBORO ME1533640023No
Isbell, JeffreyVASSALBORO ME1560693823No
Isbell, ZackaryVASSALBORO ME908480723No
Isham, TimothyLYMAN ME1570214720No
Isherwood, JamesPLYMPTON MA1533577017No
Iskra, RobertWEST ROXBURY MA1549786123No
Isler, DouglasJAY ME2209443216No
Isler, IanAUGUSTA ME912363416No
Israel, JacobORRINGTON ME354860326No
Israel, MattORRINGTON ME1564150626No
Israelson, JosephSACO ME1571007921No
Ivers, CameronAUBURN ME1563019821No
Ivers, ChristopherAUBURN ME963893321No
Ivers, DanaDIXMONT ME1522005223No
Ivers, GreggDERBY VT1568943522No
Ivers, JohnAUBURN ME1564464621No
Ivers, KatelynDERBY VT1568943622No
Ivers, NormanTOPSHAM ME791035722No
Ivers, PatrickAUBURN ME1523872307No
Iverson, AndrewCHESTERVILLE ME1570342016No
Iverson, JedFARMINGTON ME1522202316No
Iverson, NeilPO BOX 37 ME507787207No
Iverson jr, AndrewFREEPORT ME11267307No
Ives, AlisonGREENWOOD ME15No
Ives, JessicaCAMDEN ME1538868525No
Ives, JohnSOUTH BRISTOL ME1131875425No
Ives, JonathanCAMDEN ME1538866925No
Ivey, EugeneARGYLE TOWNSHIP ME1569984117No
Ivey, GriffinNORTH BERWICK ME1107937320No
Ivey, KyleNORWAY ME340930115No
Ivey, RichardP.O. BOX 246 ME1536079125No
Ivey, RobertSO PARIS ME11300017515No
Ivey, StevenNORWAY ME1531796215No
Izer, JordanGREENE ME643405422No

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