2023 Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Antlerless Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Antlerless Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive an Antlerless Deer permit, select the first letter of your last name.

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Claim and Purchase your Permit

Permits must be claimed and paid for by September 12, 2023 11:59 PM.

To claim and purchase your permit, go the Antlerless Deer Permit Purchase service.

If the permit recipient does not claim their permit by the deadline, that permit will be forfeited.

Permit recipients will receive their permit number upon payment to claim their permit. The permit number is required when registering deer.

Super pack permit recipients still need to claim their permit but will not be charged the permit fee. You can tell if you have received a super pack permit by checking the Superpack column under your name.

Extra permits will be available on a first come, first served basis starting in late September. Learn more at

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit WMD SuperPack
Udy, JoelELIOT ME1532596524Yes
Uecker, craigFREEPORT ME1518800821No
Uhas, JohnATLANTA GA1543818313No
Uhas, MichaelLYNDEBOROUGH NH1542702313No
Uhle, MichaelLITCHFIELD ME2532361122No
Uhle, StanleyBOWDOINHAM ME404075222No
Uhler, BrettSIDNEY ME1537104916No
Uhlman, PatienceFREEPORT ME1567224421No
Uhlman, TaylorMARSTONS MILLS MA981634521No
uhuad, BetsySACO ME1525398621No
Uhuad, HenrySACO ME103197021No
Uhuad, HunterSACO ME971479921No
Uhuad, RandySACO ME1525397721No
Ulmer, HannahUNION ME1539072525No
Ulrickson, AdamFREEPORT ME1523755724No
Ulrickson, AdamFREEPORT ME1568997624No
Ulrickson, AmyFREEPORT ME1474874824No
Ulrickson, AndrewFREEPORT ME1523750629No
Ulrickson, DavidFREEPORT ME2610387324No
Ulrickson, DonaldFREEPORT ME1074355824No
Ulrickson, DonaldFREEPORT ME2610386329No
Ulrickson, JenFREEPORT ME1523755524No
Ulrickson, OliviaFREEPORT ME1523755624No
Underhill, AnthonyLEVANT ME1520409817No
Underhill, BenjaminCORINTH ME500432317No
Underhill, BradCORINTH ME9436517No
Underhill, EverettSTETSON ME1520230817No
Underhill, GeorgeROCKPORT ME25No
Underhill, KendraCORNVILLE ME1570403117No
underhill, kennethNEWPORT ME1522060817No
Underhill, LucindaSTETSON ME1529570517No
underhill, ralphNEWPORT ME826617517No
Underhill, RhodaSTETSON ME1520233317No
Underhill, RodSTETSON ME1545511217No
Underhill, SheilaSTETSON ME1520231617No
Underhill, WilliamSTETSON ME1520232417No
Underhill, ZebediahCORINTH ME1516593317No
Underhill-Tilton, CherylRICHMOND ME1431253707No
Underhill-Tilton, KyleRICHMOND ME34004622No
Underhill-Tilton, SydneyRICHMOND ME11600161507No
Underwood, CharlesWATERVILLE ME1168741823No
Underwood, JayWEST BATH ME1529547625aNo
Underwood, JosephPARSONSFIELD ME1373771915No
Underwood, RyanWEST NEWFIELD ME1521416420No
Underwood, TheresaWATERVILLE ME2501163823No
Underwood, ZebediahCORNVILLE ME1566561217No
Unsworth, RobertDENNYSVILLE ME1537854006No
Upham, NicholasBOOTHBAY HARBOR ME1529300625No
Upperman, CherylCORINNA ME17No
Upperman, JohnCORINNA ME17No
Upton, DonaldNORWAY ME1523008915No
Upton, KennethWINSLOW ME2501148122No
Upton, KevinHOULTON ME1518209706No
Upton, LiamNORWAY ME1523252215No
Upton, RyanARUNDEL ME1541731324No
Urban, PaulDERRY NH1570449617No
ure, wayneHOPE VALLEY RI1570021723No
ureneck, paulWATERVILLE ME2258586923No
Urquhart, AlexSTETSON ME1304284417No
Urquhart, AltonETNA ME1148132817No
Urquhart, CarlALNA ME1536921722No
Urquhart, ClydeBANGOR ME ME12568926No
Urquhart, EdwardATLANTA GA1564081915No
Urquhart, FelicityPLYMOUTH ME838380523No
Urquhart, PerleyELLWORTH ME891020926No
urquhart, ryanHOLLIS ME1526559420No
Urquhart, WendyEAST BALDWIN ME15No
Urso, GaryWINTHROP ME1518210416No
Urwin, CraigEDGECOMB ME1547954225No
Usher, DerekPITTSTON ME1531268122No
Usher, GarrettNORTH WATERBORO ME1548717620No
Usher, LeroyPITTSTON ME1568954022No
Usher, RichardTIVERTON RI1535183118No
Utecht, StevenRICHMOND ME605165622No
Utgard, GaryWELLS ME601002420No
Utter, Bethany177 GLEN HARRIS RD ME16No
Uzzle, MiloYORK ME1321673320No

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