2021 Any-Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Any-Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Any-Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive a permit (Junior Any-Deer, Landowner Any-Deer, Regular Any-Deer, Superpack Antlerless Deer, or Bonus Antlerless Deer), select the first letter of your last name.

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Results are shown in the following format: Name, Mailing Residence (Town, State), Permit Number.

Permit Type
J = Junior Any-Deer Permit
L = Landowner Any-Deer Permit
R = Regular Any-Deer Permit for Residents and Non-Residents
S = Superpack Antlerless Deer Permit
RB = Bonus Antlerless Deer Permit

Please note, the first two digits of your Any-Deer Permit Number/Superpack Permit Number/Bonus Permit Number is the Wildlife Management District (WMD) you were selected for. For example 23R000000 is for WMD 23. For bonus permits in the two subunits 25a and 26a, the permit numbers will start with the first 3 characters of 25a or 26a. For example, 25aRB000000 would be for subunit 25a. For more information on subunits 25a and 26a please see

If you were selected to receive a Bonus Permit, please see Bonus Permit Information for more information.

The Department will no longer be mailing the permits or transportation tags. Instead, permit winners will need to record their permit number and report the permit number to the registration station when tagging their deer. The Department suggests that permit winners write down their permit number and keep the number with their hunting license so it is readily available when needed at the registration station.

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit Number SuperPack Bonus 1 Bonus 2 Bonus 3
UBELE BRIAN METHUEN MA1384340517R9258192----------
UDARNAUTH JAYDEN LEWISTON ME1401398615R1250616----15RB304338----
UDY JOEL ELIOT ME1379941020R1252961----20RB70197724RB969195--
UECKER CRAIG FREEPORT ME1379890821R5217424----21RB329552----
UGAREK ANTHONY BREWER ME1381301023R5259752----------
UHAS MICHAEL LYNDEBOROUGH NH1400504515R2253807----------
UHLE MICHAEL LITCHFIELD ME1397724822R7225455----22RB22490022RB963677--
UHLER BRETT SIDNEY ME1376555816R4243338----------
UHLMAN PATIENCE TROY ME1430644423R7242214----23RB112608----
UHUAD BETSY SACO ME1321559521R8249787----21RB30514221RB052109--
UHUAD GENEROSO JAY ME2422310921R9236818----21RB61696521RB758766--
UHUAD HENRY SACO ME1170792521J2504031----21RB62153521RB861537--
UHUAD HUNTER SACO ME920869721J2503881----21RB92233821RB862027--
UHUAD RANDY SACO ME1384810221R9250528----21RB60442521RB351672--
ULLOM BRIAN DALLAS WV1417317106R8205812----------
ULMER JASON UNION ME1432754925R1211316----25RB33317825RB467609--
ULRICKSON ADAM FREEPORT ME1389574524R5215321----29RB93080029RB066611--
ULRICKSON ADAM FREEPORT ME1403332829R0208631----29RB73468829RB668007--
ULRICKSON AMY FREEPORT ME1386915924R3234999----24RB91825524RB059556--
ULRICKSON ANDREW FREEPORT ME1385026529R3224114----24RB52567124RB864044--
ULRICKSON DAVID FREEPORT ME1389577329J5500766----24RB43587024RB668352--
ULRICKSON DONALD FREEPORT ME1074355829R2210793----29RB13348229RB367694--
ULRICKSON DONALD FREEPORT ME1430386229J6500877----24RB33540924RB168227--
ULRICKSON JEN FREEPORT ME1389574729R8227289----24RB62381224RB463030--
ULRICKSON OLIVIA FREEPORT ME1389577524R5240141----24RB51442124RB657322--
ULVILA TIMOTHY ROCKLAND ME1432262525R4202569----25RB83767325RB568820--
UMEL BENJAMIN BREWER ME1401431826R4222668----------
UMEL GEORGE ORRINGTON ME. ME1138245923R0214607----------
UNDERHILL ANTHONY STETSON ME1372311317R3201036----------
UNDERHILL CORY CAMDEN ME1428880925R9239664----25RB51483025RB15753625RB873403
UNDERHILL EVERETT STETSON ME1373332917R6235879----------
UNDERHILL KENDRA NEWPORT ME1376927917R6244979----------
UNDERHILL KENNETH NEWPORT ME1376926917L9105272----23RB30888023RB154388--
UNDERHILL LEROY LINCOLNVILLE ME25L7107622----25RB50126025RB64972125RB971784
UNDERHILL LUCINDA STETSON ME1330552717R7249480----23RB039387----
UNDERHILL RALPH NEWPORT ME826617517R6248809----23RB80610523RB152708--
UNDERHILL RHODA STETSON ME1373333117R1214214----------
UNDERHILL ROD STETSON ME1330552617R3205336----23RB847995----
UNDERHILL SHEILA STETSON ME1373332817R1201494----------
UNDERHILL WILLIAM STETSON ME1373332717R6253079----------
UNDERHILL-TILTON CHERYL RICHMOND ME1431253722L0100918----22RB334861----
UNDERHILL-TILTON KYLE RICHMOND ME22708722L4101632----22RB03156822RB666964--
UNDERHILL-TILTON SYDNEY RICHMOND ME11600161522L8102306----22RB72842522RB665424--
UNDERWOOD CHARLES WATERVILLE ME1168741823L6105853----23RB10305823RB250799--
UNDERWOOD JUSTIN HALLOWELL ME1398662917R7219660----------
UNDERWOOD KYLE CASCO ME1396299115R6249331----15RB905604----
UNDERWOOD RYAN WEST NEWFIELD ME1373767320R0240330----20RB014250----
UNDERWOOD ZEBEDIAH CORNVILLE ME1389593817R3201736----------
UNOBSKEY DYLAN HOLDEN ME1135808926J2502866----------
UNSWORTH ROBERT DENNYSVILLE ME1393316006L1101475----------
UPHAM NICHOLAS BOOTHBAY HARBOR ME13828583----25RB93787425RB268877--
UPPERMAN JOHN CORINNA ME17L5107628----------
UPSON GRETCHEN LAMOINE ME1377444426R8225072----23RB643563----
UPTON ALEX NORTH BERWICK ME1360270626R8213732----------
UPTON DONALD NORWAY ME1379625515R1239386----------
UPTON JAXSON BERWICK ME611377220J5500895----------
UPTON KEVIN HOULTON ME1379756306R0200494----------
UPTON RANDY NEWPORT ME1432228117R1205984----------
UPTON RYAN KENNEBUNK ME1401504824R2240748----20RB51388524RB569871--
UPTON XANDER BERWICK ME1071525520J0500030----------
URBON SAMANTHA HARRISON ME1403283221R3219282----21RB928448----
URE WAYNE HOPE VALLEY RI1430825023L5103622----23RB721194----
URENECK PAUL GRAY ME1387997417R5235958----------
URQUHART ALYSSA ORONO ME11600298425R8255053----25RB72553225RB563970--
URQUHART CARL ALNA ME1396680725R8257173----25RB41190925RB45605925RB273037
URQUHART EDWARD ATLANTA GA1421048315R3203228----------
URQUHART FELICITY PLYMOUTH ME1373895223R1200218----23RB338840----
URQUHART MANDY PITTSFIELD ME1408313017R4230497----------
URQUHART MIKE YARMOUTH ME1426390924R3251279----24RB30365924RB151187--
URQUHART NICHOLAS NAPLES ME1381571116R8225432----------
URQUHART PERLEY ELLWORTH ME272021426R1200445----------
URQUHART RYAN HOLLIS ME1381783420R1238451----21RB940638----
URQUHART RYAN ALNA ME47850622R7254015----22RB13272925RB471149--
URQUHART SEAN YARMOUTH ME1426390824R3246199----24RB10876724RB154317--
URWIN CRAIG EDGECOMB ME1400630725S640235125RB41828925RB75957225RB173946
USHER DEREK PITTSTON ME48285622R1225759----22RB02471822RB463592--
USHER JACOB PITTSTON ME1430099322R2214070----22RB43154222RB466952--
USHER RICHARD TIVERTON RI1420774417R9253802----------
UTGARD GARTH SPRINGVALE ME1399106020R2249712----20RB00522024RB669352--
UTGARD GARY WELLS ME601002420R3229163----24RB742603----
UTGARD LUCY SPRINGVALE ME1430584820R5226615----24RB543211----
UTLEY AMY ELLSWORTH ME143156376717R1221224----------
UTTERSTROM SUE GRAY ME1381057021R2233881----21RB21913121RB260071--

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