2023 Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Antlerless Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Antlerless Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive an Antlerless Deer permit, select the first letter of your last name.

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Claim and Purchase your Permit

Permits must be claimed and paid for by September 12, 2023 11:59 PM.

To claim and purchase your permit, go the Antlerless Deer Permit Purchase service.

If the permit recipient does not claim their permit by the deadline, that permit will be forfeited.

Permit recipients will receive their permit number upon payment to claim their permit. The permit number is required when registering deer.

Super pack permit recipients still need to claim their permit but will not be charged the permit fee. You can tell if you have received a super pack permit by checking the Superpack column under your name.

Extra permits will be available on a first come, first served basis starting in late September. Learn more at

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit WMD SuperPack
Zabarsky, MichaelWEST BALDWIN ME531804115No
Zabelski, GaryIPSWICH MA15687768216No
Zaborowski, FrancisWEST BATH ME751161024No
Zaborowski, FrancisLITTLETON MA1504880524No
Zaccadelli, WalterWASHINGTON ME1231817625No
Zachau, MaxBOWDOINHAM ME2386021622No
Zadakis, EmiliaBIDDEFORD ME1559925807No
Zadakis, JohnBIDDEFORD ME1537323307No
Zagorianakos, GregoryGORHAM ME1521906221No
Zagorianakos, MichaelGORHAM ME1569326717No
Zagorianakos, NicholasWINDHAM ME1522474517No
Zahacefski, RonaldCOLCHESTER CT1542848417No
Zaharchuk, EricRICHMOND ME1563503322No
Zaharchuk, MichaelWELLS ME1550170722No
Zahares, CoreySACO ME1518257620No
Zahoransky, MelissaWATERVILLE ME1520595316No
Zajechowski, StanleyYORK ME1563038124No
Zalegowski, BrandonSIDNEY ME1569260216No
zaluski, donaldTURNER ME1524416516No
Zamarripa, DanielSTRATTON ME1522843907No
Zambella, AndrewREADFIELD ME1567015916No
Zambella, ZacharyBRICK NJ00416958716No
Zambelli, StephenMERCER ME1566563416No
Zamperini, AngeloABBOT ME1120110017No
Zanella, StephenSTRONG ME1520903907No
zanelli, markHADDAM CT1565340515No
Zanelli, RichardHIGGANUM CT1500334715No
Zanelli, ScottSOUTH EASTON MA1568689515No
Zang, KevinWINDHAM ME920970321No
Zanke, JasonSTONINGTON ME1530945726No
Zanks, AllenSTAFFORD SPRINGS CT1553011123No
Zapatka, EricBRISTOL CT1570985816No
Zapatka, TimothyPLAINVILLE CT1569865916No
Zappala, BrianBELGRADE ME1535311116Yes
Zappala, ElaineBELGRADE ME16No
Zaun, WilliamEAST BURKE VT1560254317No
Zawatski, ChristopherTOPSHAM ME1088462218No
Zawislak, ErickSAN DIEGO CA1570538823No
Zayac, JoshuaWINDSOR ME1521675223No
Zayac, WalterRICHMOND ME 04357 ME064545622No
Zboray, EilonSURRY ME541812736725No
Zeamer, CeceliaFRANKLIN ME1521271626No
Zegarra, MarcoHERMON ME1570912317No
zeigler, lanceWOODLAND ME1565369617No
Zeisler, JacobETNA ME1521088723No
Zela, JamesGREENVILLE ME2418841117No
zelck, erikWENHAM MA10986855216No
Zelck, StephenGLOUCESTER MA1556272716No
Zelesky, JamesHIRAM ME1560472315No
Zelkan, AlainaBROWNVILLE ME1569097817No
Zelkan, AlexBROWNVILLE ME1522036814No
Zelkan, CarynHAMPDEN ME1566599617No
Zelkan, RichardMILO ME1569433517No
Zelkan, RogerHAMPDEN ME1539013214No
Zeller, FrankNOBLEBORO ME1524325925No
Zenkiewicz, johnBRIGHTON PLANTATIO ME2498002417No
Zeno, CandyBREWER ME1543835826No
Zerbst, ElizabethJAY ME16No
Zertuche, SergioGARDINER ME1137202319No
Zglobicki, MatthewWELLS ME1531216320No
Zglobicki, OwenWELLS ME1570077920No
Ziacoma, JohnANSON ME1060903113No
Ziadeh, AmandaSANBORNVILLE NH1524980520No
Ziadeh, MatthewPORTSMOUTH NH1542813320No
Ziadeh, WilliamBROOKLFIELD NH1524980620No
ziadeh, WilliamSANBORNVILLE NH1454404320No
Zickefoose, NatashaBROWNVILLE ME2407445317No
Ziehl, MichaelWELLS ME2609781221No
Ziepniewski, JoeSCARBOROUGH ME89756121No
Zils, CynthiaSOUTH PARIS ME1092881015No
Zimba, JeffreyFAIRFIELD ME1519226116No
Zimba, NicholasFAIRFIELD ME117142216No
Ziminsky, JanetBRIDGTON ME1569163815No
ziminsky, jasonBRIDGTON ME1537062115No
Zimmerman, AndrewDIXMONT ME1543841823No
Zimmerman, CarterDIXMONT ME2211139923No
Zimmerman, ElilzabethTHORNDIKE ME23No
Zimmerman, GlendallTHORNDIKE ME23No
Zimmerman, JamesDIXMONT ME1532495623No
Zimmerman, JaredTHORNDIKE ME23No
Zimmerman, JenniDIXMONT ME1532496023No
Zimmerman, KevinTHORNDIKE ME23No
Zimmerman, NathanTHORNDIKE ME23No
Zimmerman, NoahDIXMONT ME1120126223No
Zimmerman, RobertCONWAY NH1568592815No
Zimmerman, StephanieDIXMONT ME1566536023No
Zimmerman, SteveNEWCASTLE ME1568601125No
Zinck, PeterSACO ME2428193720No
Zink, GeorgeSTARKS ME2378268316No
Zinninger, RyanGREENE ME1537877822No
zito, jaydenVERONA ISLAND ME1568443226No
Zmigrodski, FrancisVASSALBORO ME23No
Zoll, WayneCUMBERLAND ME1522342121No
zolnierczyk, shannonGRAY ME1523878721No
Zompa, PasqualeRIVERSIDE RI1514628823No
Zontini, AnthonyAPPLETON ME1534776825Yes
Zontini, MichaelYARMOUTHPORT MA1559267525No
Zontini, RobertLINCOLNVILLE ME1534776925Yes
Zorn, GrahamCUMBERLAND ME1557734921Yes
Zotos, FotiosYORK ME1570514124No
Zoulamis, ConstantineBRUNSWICK ME1501072721No
zubiate, MichaelLEWISTON ME2418873413No
Zuchowski, MichaelJEFFERSON ME993417725No
Zugelder, AidenMEDFORD ME1542456526No
Zugelder, BrysonMEDFORD ME1541133826No
Zugelder, JaseMEDFORD ME1541472626No
Zuk, ChristopherSANFORD ME1512365720No
Zuk, ChristopherSANFORD ME583148720No
Zuk, MaclainYORK ME809993009No
Zuk, StephenSANFORD ME1414271820No
Zuk, StephenYORK ME1568926124No
Zukauskas, KarlWINTERPORT ME1557651923No
Zuke, JosephARUNDEL ME11600423020No
Zuke, JulianARUNDEL ME11600423220No
Zuke, RobertARUNDEL ME1571043820No
Zuke, WyattARUNDEL ME11600422924No
Zuleg, RichardWELLS ME1571038920No
Zulick, PatrickHIRAM ME1519202815No
Zuniga, AndreaMOUNT VERNON ME1544028716No
Zupancic, Jack52 QUIET ACRES DR ME493717No
Zurek, AaronORLAND ME1522455726aNo
Zvanovec, FrancisCENTER MORICHES NY1558837517No
Zwaan, EthanBATH ME1442313324No
Zwetsloot, HenryWELLS ME900443517No
Zwetsloot, JohnNEW MARKET NH94900817No
Zybert, MichaelEAST WATERBORO ME1539595915No
Zydlewski, JosephHAMPDEN ME1525141826Yes
zygmuntowicz, AndrewDOUGLAS MA1568459315No
Zygmuntowicz, JonDOUGLAS MA1525209615No
Zylla, EthanLISBON ME1035605822No
Zylla, JeromeLISBON ME900446322No

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