2023 Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Antlerless Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Antlerless Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive an Antlerless Deer permit, select the first letter of your last name.

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Claim and Purchase your Permit

Permits must be claimed and paid for by September 12, 2023 11:59 PM.

To claim and purchase your permit, go the Antlerless Deer Permit Purchase service.

If the permit recipient does not claim their permit by the deadline, that permit will be forfeited.

Permit recipients will receive their permit number upon payment to claim their permit. The permit number is required when registering deer.

Super pack permit recipients still need to claim their permit but will not be charged the permit fee. You can tell if you have received a super pack permit by checking the Superpack column under your name.

Extra permits will be available on a first come, first served basis starting in late September. Learn more at

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit WMD SuperPack
Y, ElliotPITTSFIELD ME1524458117No
Yacino, BrianMOUNT VERNON ME1518981116No
Yacino, MichaelDOUGLAS MA1524672217No
Yacino, MichaelWORCESTER MA1558423417No
Yamasaki, MarikoLEBANON ME1570623820No
Yanneli, ElyssaLIVERMORE FALLS ME889429216No
yannelli, alannaSEBAGO ME1477603315No
Yannelli, BrianLIVERMORE FALLS ME1522234916No
Yannelli, Everett480 CONVENE RD ME761331315No
Yannelli, JasonSEBAGO ME978979715No
yannelli-Redlevske, jeremiahSIDNEY ME1520605423No
Yano-Litwin, AnthonyWESTBOROUGH MA1565197614No
Yarbrough, BradleyVASSALBORO ME1528457023Yes
Yario, ThomasALFRED ME1540867420No
Yarletts, RobertEASTON MA1564923515No
Yarrison, BretPORTLAND ME1536789816Yes
Yates, AlvinWEST PARIS ME1423470015No
Yates, BrennanCARMEL ME1570056617No
Yates, BryanPORTLAND ME1566413421Yes
Yates, DarleneALFRED ME635736720No
Yates, DavidWATERFORD ME586661215No
Yates, DavidLIMINGTON ME1534915115No
Yates, EricWINDHAM ME1517724321No
yates, garyCASCO ME835786421No
Yates, JoshuaGREENWOOD ME1531121215No
Yates, LindaGREENWOOD ME149728415No
Yates, LucasNORWAY ME756645215No
Yates, LukasGREENWOOD ME672808412No
Yates, MaxVIENNA ME396228116No
Yates, MichaelOXFORD MAINE ME1169786115No
Yates, StephenALFRED ME1412347620No
Yates, StevenMECHANIC FALLS ME1567904821No
Yates, TimothyCHENEY WOODS RD. ME2241285620No
Yates, TimothyNORWAY ME1522093115No
Yattaw, ChristopherWARREN ME1537495825Yes
Yattaw, CliftonPORT CLYDE ME2471121425aNo
Yattaw, QuentinUNION ME1533450225No
Yeadon, JonathanARLINGTON MA1534861124No
Yeagle, RobertNATICK MA1560864615No
Yeaton, BenjaminPHIPPSBURG ME1307740722No
YEATON, BenjaminACTON ME323283620No
Yeaton, BenjaminLITCHFIELD ME893568824No
Yeaton, BradleyCUSHING ME1523115925No
yeaton, davidMECHANIC FALLS ME1536911221No
Yeaton, HerbertPHIPPSBURG ME2519271024No
YEATON, JacksonACTON ME1409304020No
Yeaton, JaySIDNEY ME177664424No
Yeaton, JeremyFRIENDSHIP ME10136625aNo
Yeaton, JosiahPHIPPSBURG ME1307743321No
YEATON, MaryACTON ME1527996520No
Yeaton, MiltonWISCASSET ME1518642022No
Yeaton, SilasPHIPPSBURG ME1521805621No
yeaton, victor41 LEDGEWOOD DR WO ME1528667722Yes
yeaton, wayneLIVERMORE FALLS ME1278666016No
Yeaton, WilliamEPSOM NH1523668207No
Yellick, DavidNORTHBORO MA1569913123No
Yellope, JosephLINCOLN ME2450161119No
Yenco, AndrewBOWDOIN ME1523350822No
Yenco, AndrewBOWDION ME1523351022No
Yenco, OliverBOWDOIN ME1523351522No
Yenco, WakeHEBRON ME1536132615No
Yerxa, FrederickARUNDEL ME1528581820No
Yerxa, NathanHOLLIS ME1563027421No
Ylonen, RichardWATERBORO ME1536511620No
Yoakum, MatthewBATH ME1532848321No
Yocius, JamesORRINGTON ME1535412626Yes
Yoder, ChrisTHORNDIKE ME1533747523No
Yoder, ChristiePALMYRA ME1542585217No
Yoder, DavidMONTVILLE ME1524819923Yes
Yoder, DavidCORINNA ME1570272517No
Yoder, EnosLIVERMORE FALLS ME1533751816No
Yoder, EthanWALES ME22No
Yoder, HannahCORINNA ME1571086717No
Yoder, JordanUNITY ME1524921123No
Yoder, MahlonFORT FAIRFIELD ME1406815225No
Yoder, MelvinCORINNA ME1541214617No
Yoder, RaymondCORINNA ME1552052117No
Yoder, RhondaCORINNA ME1570272817No
Yoder, TatePENOBSCOT ME1553794026No
Yoder, TimothyUNITY ME23No
Yoder, WilliamCORINNA ME1538445917No
Yodice, GeorgeEMBDEN ME16No
Yonuschot, TimothyKENNEBUNK ME1569055324No
Yoos, ChristopherATHENS ME17No
Yoos, ChristopherATHENS ME1507655323No
York, AdamCHINA ME1570168723No
York, AlixFARMINGTON ME1570026016No
York, AndrewVASSALBORO ME702695823No
York, AndrewGORHAM ME1533160221Yes
York, AnthonyLIVERMORE ME488216No
York, ArthurNOBLEBORO ME1530476325No
York, AustenCORINNA ME1429495917No
York, BeauxFARMINGTON ME2339339513No
York, BrianCHINA ME2494206023No
york, brittanyBROWNFIELD ME1525971815No
York, BroganFAYETTE ME2277379816No
York, BruceHARMONY ME316575417No
York, BruceHARMONY ME1521875617No
York, BrytonCHINA ME1531271623No
York, CalebSOUTH CHINA ME1557237423No
York, ChristopherWINDHAM ME1541066521No
York, ClaytonCORINNA ME1429494817No
York, CodyJAY ME188296316No
York, DaleJAY ME1521268016No
York, DanielEAST MILLINOCKET ME1564134716No
York, DanielHARPSWELL ME222021524No
York, DavidCHELSEA ME1541114316No
York, DawsonFAYETTE ME1417394416No
York, DouglasBETHLEHEM NH1519012513No
York, DylanDAMARISCOTTA ME862977025No
York, EdmundBANGOR ME1560893326aNo
York, EdwardVINALHAVEN ME1394795129No
York, edwinSWEDEN ME1570513415No
York, EliSKOWHEGAN ME901184117No
York, EmilyBELGRADE ME1518361816No
york, franklinAUGUSTA ME1565236223No
York, GaryFARMINGTON ME1535911613No
York, GenePHIPPSBURG ME818627624No
York, GenePHIPPSBURG ME1569258324No
York, GeraldORRS ISLAND ME2542860724No
York, GradyBROWNFIELD ME628478415No
York, GregoryJAY ME1517658216No
York, GriffinHARMONY ME1566648517No
York, HaileyCORNVILLE ME1570261917No
York, HarrisonNORRIDGEWOCK ME1106614716No
York, HowardWINDHAM ME2411220517No
York, IsaacLYMAN ME1570056115No
York, JacobCHELSEA ME1533536916No
York, JaredFAYETTE ME1519349316No
York, JasonSURRY ME1522802526No
York, JasonSKOWHEGAN ME1532234517No
York, JayCHESTER ME1554677518No
York, JayTURNER ME1530513616No
York, JeffreyFALMOUTH ME1570507121No
York, JeremyWISCASSET ME1566501022No
york, johnFAIRFIELD ME2482793116No
York, JosephSANGERVILLE ME1526595317No
York, JosephSOUTH CHINA ME1564858923No
York, JoshuaHARPSWELL ME401259407No
York, JoshuaWINDHAM ME1541470615No
York, JoySTRONG ME1570622216No
York, KaitlynLIVERMORE ME1524448416No
york, karlLEEDS ME1531525116No
york, kevinCLINTON ME1567013723No
york, kyleBROWNFIELD ME532415No
York, LionelWINSLOW ME2465650123No
York, LoganHERMON ME1519076817No
York, MarkBELGRADE ME1569437916No
York, MatthewSEBAGO ME1518005321No
York, MichaelLITCHFIELD ME10451921No
York, MichaelBROWNFIELD ME1521640215No
York, NathanielSEBAGO ME15No
York, NicholasPORTER ME1518278215No
York, OliverBROWNFIELD ME1088965515No
York, PatrickCANAAN ME1519109817No
York, PeterRICHMOND ME1530739222No
York, RayHAVERHILL MA1567500923No
York, RhondaPITTSTON ME1516942822No
York, RichardHARMONY ME271382517No
York, RichardPORTLAND ME1558032123No
York, RobertWINDHAM ME2261766515No
York, RobertWINDHAM ME1534958815Yes
York, RussellNORRIDGEWOCK ME1446786417No
York, ScottSTRONG ME1526491116No
York, StevenBROWNFIELD ME1414827315No
York, StevenDURHAM ME1120943121No
York, susanSWEDEN ME1570513515No
york, thomasNORRIDGEWOCK ME1516994517No
York, ThomasSKOWHEGAN ME1516994317No
York, TimothySEBAGO ME1189128721No
York, TrippHERMON ME2380678917No
York, TylerDAMARISCOTTA ME1525869025No
York, WandaJAY ME1517657216No
York, zacharySWEDEN ME1570513315No
York Sr., DennisCUSHING ME2568451825No
Yorke, AnthonyYORK ME1522422324No
Yorke, CalvinYORK ME956817520No
Yorke, KennethYORK ME1546662024No
Yorke, TrevorCAPE NEDDICK ME805848624No
Yorks, RobertFARMINGTON ME8529716No
Yorks, SimonFARMINGDALE ME1534951723No
Yorks, TimothyWINDSOR ME1540739323Yes
Yost, KennethJEFFERSON ME1531693425No
Youland, KarenTURNER ME1527372416No
Youland, Katreana YoulanTURNER ME1551527516No
Youland, KolbyTURNER ME1522465615No
Youland, KurtTURNER ME1527372316Yes
youland, kyleTURNER ME1551525616No
Youland, StevieTURNER ME1518514515No
Young, AaronSIDNEY ME5472216No
Young, AaronNORRIDGEWOCK ME1569150817No
young, AbramWEST PARIS ME617526615No
Young, AlecNORTH FRYEBURG ME1521057315No
Young, AlexandriaBENTON ME1356436123No
Young, AndrewBENTON ME1559521823No
Young, ArthurNORTH BERWICK ME1547549020No
Young, BenjaminSOUTH PARIS ME1558395215No
Young, BernardCUSHING ME1571058025No
Young, BethCHELSEA ME2296144023No
YOUNG, beverlyBUXTON ME1567336621No
Young, BlaineROCHESTER MA1524022617No
Young, BrendenFRANKFORT ME918116726No
Young, BrianBOWDOIN ME953923922No
Young, BruceYARMOUTH ME1570576920No
young, bruceCHELSEA ME1532427007No
Young, Bruce62 WEBBER BROOK RD ME1529188415No
Young, CalebHALLOWELL ME1570899122No
Young, CarletonWALES ME2575860322No
Young, CarletonMONMOUTH ME1002160522No
Young, CarsonSOUTH PARIS ME824268515No
young, charlesSOUTH PARIS ME1519865107No
Young, CharlesOXFORD ME1570592915No
Young, ChristieCHELSEA ME1570852322No
Young, ChristopherPITTSFIELD ME17No
Young, ChristopherSABATTUS ME1560778621No
Young, ChristopherYORK ME1569183524No
Young, CindyNORRIDGEWOCK ME1569150417No
Young, CodyBRADFORD ME966221217No
Young, ColletteNEWBURGH ME1171804723No
young, curtisCARVER MA1564272623No
Young, DakotaWALDOBORO ME880306625No
Young, DanaLAMOINE ME1570794826No
Young, DannySOUTH PARIS ME1541612915No
Young, DavidCUMBERLAND ME11269907No
Young, DavidRICHMOND ME1540067622No
Young, DavidOLD TOWN ME1106533117No
Young, DavidUNION ME1570349625No
Young, DeborahWESTBROOK ME1569360521No
young, derrickWILTON ME1521250913No
Young, DevenFRANKFORT ME962366226No
Young, DillonELLSWORTH ME696927726No
Young, DonaldCALAIS ME1085448227No
Young, DylanHANCOCK ME11600605426No
Young, Earl126 HATHAWAY HILL ME1521136016No
Young, EleanorSOUTH PARIS ME1240320915No
Young, EllaCORINNA ME1560149817No
Young, EmilySWANVILLE ME1452047623No
Young, EmmanuelWESTBROOK ME1457924821No
Young, EricMILO ME1536639517No
Young, ErikHAMPDEN ME1519579026No
Young, EthanSPRINGVALE ME1570721320No
Young, EvanHANCOCK ME1536355426No
Young, Gail114 UPPER CROSS RD ME603396220No
Young, GavinBANGOR ME1569848717No
Young, GeorgeNORWAY ME1297462415No
Young, GlenSOUTH PARIS ME1566863015No
Young, GlennYORK ME1569797220No
Young, GregMAYNARD MA1569761520No
Young, HowardGORHAM ME1527626121No
Young, IanWALDOBORO ME1568739125No
young, ivanFRANKLIN ME256726723No
Young, JacquelineSOUTH PARIS ME1566866215No
Young, JakeOTISFIELD ME1524079215No
Young, JamesORRINGTON ME2440820526No
Young, JamesPO BOX 132 EASTPOR ME1544127220No
Young, JamesBOWDOIN ME22No
young, jamesUNIT #4 ME1529979416No
Young, JamesBOWDOIN ME22No
Young, JayATHENS ME1568401417No
Young, JeffreyALBION ME1518761723No
Young, Jenny-JoBRADFORD ME1566303317No
Young, JesseFRANKFORT ME106406926No
Young, JesseBRADFORD ME1522461617No
Young, JohnLITCHFIELD ME2595019622No
Young, JosephTOPSHAM ME24No
Young, JosephNORTH BERWICK ME1571019520No
Young, JoshuaMADISON ME881030416No
Young, JosiahSOUTH PARIS ME1009427615No
Young, JuliNORWAY ME1569367115No
Young, Justin477 NORTH SEARSPOR ME1354106526No
Young, JustinCORINNA ME1005692417No
Young, KatherineSOUTH PARIS ME1428013515No
Young, KennethHOLLIS ME1523326521No
Young, KevinWINDHAM ME1525108821Yes
Young, LaceySOUTHWEST HARBOR ME1546706626No
Young, LarrySPRINGVALE ME10798464920No
Young, LawrenceHANCOCK ME764057326No
Young, LindaS PARIS ME1567191915No
Young, MalcolmBRADFORD ME2332653817No
Young, MarianneWINDHAM ME1536132421No
Young, MarkFARMINGDALE ME1473624122No
Young, MarkNORRIDGEWOCK ME1544848817No
Young, MartynSOUTH BERWICK ME142103520No
Young, MatthewPARKMAN ME1539735617No
Young, MatthewWELLS ME1523941020No
Young, MavrickWALDOBORO ME1238300925No
Young, MaynardBERNARD ME85888126No
Young, MelissaPITTSFIELD ME17No
Young, MichaelSANBORNVILLE NH1540376720No
Young, MichaelSOUTHWEST HARBOR ME1539074410No
Young, MichaelSIDNEY ME1566433516No
Young, MichaelWALDOBORO ME1522862015No
Young, NathanELIOT ME1530492720No
Young, NicholasNORRIDGEWOCK ME1544849717No
Young, OwenKITTERY ME1518625820No
Young, OwenORRINGTON ME1568750226No
Young, PatriciaSOUTH PORTLAND ME1569824115No
Young, PaulSTANDISH ME2239380915No
Young, PaulMARSHFIELD MA1568700517No
Young, PaulLYMAN ME1538417321No
Young, PaulLINCOLN ME1100395717No
Young, PaytonHIRAM ME1571006921No
Young, PeterWINDHAM ME1536125821No
Young, PhillipWINDHAM ME1568726321No
Young, PrestynSOUTH PARIS ME1567192015No
Young, RafeWALDO ME11600088523No
Young, ReganWINTERPORT ME1527377826No
Young, RichardVASSALBORO ME995183823No
Young, RichardWALES ME1546548422No
Young, RobertNOBLEBORO ME857343325No
Young, RobertWEYMOUTH MA1555240717No
Young, RobertTHOMASTON ME1536438325No
Young, RobertBELMONT ME1571025623No
Young, RobertBANGOR ME1564175217No
Young, RobertBRADFORD ME19263517No
Young, RobertGREENVILLE JUNCTIO ME1521386908No
Young, RobinRICHMOND ME1540067822No
Young, RoryJAY ME1521138316No
Young, RossVASSALBORO ME1542208307No
young, royceNEWBURGH ME1570021323No
Young, RyanPROSPECT ME1046568626No
Young, RyleeMECHANIC FALLS ME1570595115No
young, samWEST PARIS ME1539536615Yes
young, scottWILTON ME1522413917No
Young, ScottWINSLOW ME1563998623No
Young, ScottNORTH WATERBORO ME1569741220No
Young, ScottSAINT GEORGE ME1537287325No
Young, StanleyBUCKFIELD ME1184256015No
young, stephenCHATHAM NH1569483915No
young, steveARUNDEL ME1536527224No
Young, TaborWISCASSET ME1522456025Yes
Young, TaraFRANKFORT ME1014700226No
Young, TheodoreBANGOR ME1170287317No
Young, ThomasSEARSPORT ME1258776426No
Young, ThomasDURHAM ME1561905721No
Young, ToddKITTERY ME152387720No
Young, VirginiaPARKMAN ME1539737617No
Young, WarrenBERNARD ME1518672029No
young, wayneUNION ME758811525No
Young, WilliamNORTH YARMOUTH ME1538802121No
Young, WyattELIOT ME1135901020No
Yovino, SethBRUNSWICK ME1522667624No
Ypung, DierksEASTBROOK ME1124220126No
Yu, RylanJACKMAN ME1535162308No
Yuill, JohnSANFORD ME1544033220No
Yurkanin, JoelDIXMONT ME1102872523No

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