2023 Antlerless Deer Permit Lottery Results

Maine's Antlerless Deer Permits are issued through a special lottery drawing. For more information, see Antlerless Deer Permits.

To find out if you were selected to receive an Antlerless Deer permit, select the first letter of your last name.

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Claim and Purchase your Permit

Permits must be claimed and paid for by September 12, 2023 11:59 PM.

To claim and purchase your permit, go the Antlerless Deer Permit Purchase service.

If the permit recipient does not claim their permit by the deadline, that permit will be forfeited.

Permit recipients will receive their permit number upon payment to claim their permit. The permit number is required when registering deer.

Super pack permit recipients still need to claim their permit but will not be charged the permit fee. You can tell if you have received a super pack permit by checking the Superpack column under your name.

Extra permits will be available on a first come, first served basis starting in late September. Learn more at

Name Mail Residence Hunting License Number Permit WMD SuperPack
Quach, DavidROCKLAND ME1525142225No
Quackenbush, ErnestGLENS FALLS NY1544638617No
Qualey, JeremiahLIMINGTON ME1568648920No
Qualey, JosephALBANY TWP ME1532587915No
Qualey, JosephDEXTER ME2608070717No
Qualey, JosephDEXTER ME1564042917No
qualey, martinLIMINGTON ME793561812020No
Qualey, PhillipSOUTH CHINA ME1159831923No
Qualey, StevenLIMINGTON ME1540052920No
Quatrano, RyanWINTHROP ME889183422No
Quatticci, FaithNEW GLOUCESTER ME1546910821No
Quattrucci, AnthonyWATERVILLE ME1537000925No
Quattrucci, GaetanoSOUTH FREEPORT ME999849225No
Quattrucci, MichaelWATERVILLE ME 0490 ME1536984025No
Quick, ThomasTOPSHAM ME1518812422No
Quiet, KentDEXTER ME1522760217No
Quigley, EthanB ME1545534523No
Quigley, JosephineCORINNA ME1566787717No
Quigley, MarkSKOWHEGAN ME147482717No
Quigley, SydneyDIXMONT ME436784417No
Quigley, WilliamHARMONY ME1539725117No
Quimby, AdamWATERFORD ME1525172915No
Quimby, AmandaSKOWHEGAN ME1570734417No
Quimby, ChaseTURNER ME1005452816No
Quimby, ChristopherNORTH ANSON ME1534608716No
Quimby, CodyFARMINGDALE ME1563945323No
Quimby, EricTURNER ME1546332216No
Quimby, ErvingCLINTON ME1524628817No
Quimby, ErvingALBION ME1532699323No
Quimby, GeraldBROWNFIELD ME1094746915No
Quimby, GeraldMADISON ME1425728317No
Quimby, GlenSANFORD ME1554065620No
Quimby, GreggMIDDLETON MA1534092725No
Quimby, JamesCORNVILLE ME1551353417No
Quimby, JenniferBENTON ME1521361817No
Quimby, KasonJACKMAN ME1536876726No
Quimby, LukeRANGELEY ME1189559107No
Quimby, MatthewJACKMAN ME1536876826No
Quimby, Michael771 NORRIDGEWCK RD ME1533922923No
Quimby, NicholasSKOWHEGAN ME1570734617No
quimby, peterBROOKS ME2309750723No
Quimby, RandallMADISON ME1549445717No
quimby, richardTURNER ME1519089616No
Quimby, RobertLEBANON ME1544807120No
Quimby, ShaunANSON ME4079745916No
Quimby, StephenHOLLIS CENTER ME601475920No
Quimby, ThomasBOWDOINHAM ME2422274812No
Quimby, WilliamKENSINGTON NH1535647015No
Quimby, ZacharyALBION ME1523483123No
Quimby, WilliamNORTH ANSON ME1095732716No
Quin, JasonTEMPLE NH1564927815No
Quinlan, AndrewCANAAN ME1569074917No
Quinlan, BrookeNEWPORT ME9292223No
Quinn, AveryBROWNFIELD ME1260054715No
Quinn, BraydenFAYETTE ME977484322No
Quinn, ColinSKOWHEGAN ME620659517No
Quinn, CristyHARTLAND ME1534293617No
Quinn, Ella-RaeCORINNA ME23No
Quinn, GarrettSKOWHEGAN ME1551997317No
Quinn, IanMERCER ME1571037316No
Quinn, JordanHARTLAND ME1535357417No
Quinn, KeithBROWNFIELD ME1530085815No
Quinn, KellyPITTSFIELD ME2366175017No
Quinn, LillianBURLINGTON MA1570059821No
Quinn, MarkKITTERY ME1569176224No
Quinn, NathanNAPLES ME1525394312No
Quinn, OliviaBURLINGTON MA1570059921No
Quinn, PatrickGALES FERRY CT1568987123No
Quinn, RonaldFAYETTE ME2307599816No
Quinn, TimothyBURLINGTON MA1532841221No
Quinn, WilliamBROWNFILED ME2622796315No
Quinn, ZacharyTOPSHAM ME1447366421No
Quinnam, JamesWISCASSET ME849206925No
Quinones, MichaelDOUGLAS MA1569255817No
Quint, CassidyDAYTON ME221390524No
Quint, CodyWEST NEWFIELD ME1528385620No
Quint, DavidPITTSFIELD ME1527197523No
Quint, EricALFRED ME1531207421No
Quint, JohnCLINTON ME1536731517No
Quint, MartelleDOVER MA1561034517No
Quint, StephenNORTH BERWICK ME1519185220No
Quint, VictorPITTSFIELD ME1523063323Yes
Quintella, BrettSOUTH BERWICK ME1562659520No
Quintero, ScottLINCOLNVILLE ME195878425Yes
Quintin, AnselDANVILLE VT1557496607No
Quinton, CarsonSHAPLEIGH ME1569730120No
Quinton, JasonSHAPLEIGH ME1569730520No
Quinton, RobertAUBURN ME674260713No
Quinzani, DavidHUGHESVILLE MD1558845825No
Quirion, AlfredOAKLAND ME1568207616No
Quirion, AustinGARDINER ME1542191515No
Quirion, BarryBENTON ME1518337023No
Quirion, BrandonCANAAN ME1526650823No
Quirion, CarlWINSLOW ME2600073223No
Quirion, CasandraCANAAN ME1526650717No
Quirion, ColeBENTON ME1033807423No
Quirion, EmmaCHELSEA ME1520691822No
Quirion, FrankRANDOLPH ME346040923No
Quirion, JeffreySIDNEY ME1544931223No
Quirion, JesseMECHANIC FALLS ME1533387622Yes
Quirion, jesseWINTHROP ME1519563022No
Quirion, JohnOAKLAND ME1565943523No
Quirion, KyleighBENTON ME1518337623No
Quirion, PeterAUGUSTA ME1524165723No
Quirion, RichardSKOWHEGAN ME1522997316No
Quirion, TamranSIDNEY ME1569166716No
Quirion, ThomasCHELSEA ME1518524422No
Quirion, TylerBENTON ME1560785523No
quirk, StephenSCARBOROUGH ME1540113417No
Quirrion, LouisLIVERMORE ME1523356816No
Quirrion, ShawnLIVERMORE ME891490116No
Quist, carterCARIBOU ME2225376416No
Quist, ChristopherOAKLAND ME1546701017No
Quist, DavidSILVER SPRINGS FL1555264816No
Quist, DouglasKENNEBUNK ME1567576520No
Quist, JoshuaPERHAM ME368664916No
Quist, KevinSTOCKHOLM ME2225858516No

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